Company History

A passion for horticulture led Ron and Suzette to meet over a flat of white petunias. Ron was in the retail sector of the landscape industry. Suzette was the Horticulturalist a Mesa Petroleum. After they married, mesa moved to Dallas. It was then in 1991 that they took their unique blend of experience and expertise and founded Nistler’s Landcape.

To accommodate their expanding business in 1996, they bought a nursery from Bert Thomas. After the purchase, they asked Mike Baker, foreman and licensed irrigator since 1980 to stay on. He has been a tremendous asset to the company, and a steadfast friend through the years.

Suzette was raised in the panhandle and obtained her degree in Plant Sciences/Horticulture from WTSU. Living here all her life, she is well aware of the challenging obstacles to maintaining a beautiful landscape in our area. Her unique design style brings beauty and diversity to the panhandle.

ron nistler

Ron has been in all aspects of the landscape industry since 1976. His expansive knowledge of plant material is used to educate people on our changing environment. He is aware of our need to implement drought-tolerant plants and conserve water. His management skills enabled him to guide large turn-key projects to completion.

Mike not only has a vast knowledge of irrigation systems, but is also skilled in all areas of landscaping. Whether he is working with waterfalls, flagstone, hardscape, lighting design or large specimen trees, he has a knack for solving difficult projects. The company mantra for him is  “one call does it all.”

This unique team brings the knowledge, skill and savvy that enables Nistler’s to provide customers with superior service and innovative designs.

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”