Landscape Services

Nistler’s Landscape is a turnkey landscape company, proficient in all areas of design and implementation. From large commercial projects to quaint residential havens, our goal is to provide quality service.

Design Services

We strive to create distinct and diverse landscape designs. Our design service cost is based on the scope of work involved. Please call for an appointment or contact us for a quote.

Landscape Irrigation services from nistlers landcape

Irrigation Services

Water conservation here in the Panhandle is of paramount importance. We are trained in the most current water conserving systems and new city requirements.

Nistlers Landscape Xeriscaping1


Let us show you how to create a low-water and low-maintenance colorful landscape. Our distinct style of using drought tolerant plants, rock and crushed granite provides a beautiful, colorful landscape. There is more to xeriscaping than just yucca and grasses.

Nistler Landscape Waterfall1


One of the most fun and favorite projects to add to a landscape is a waterfall. We have been installing features with ponds and the pondless feautre for over 15 years. The sound of water is so tranquil and brings a peaceful element to your paradise.

Hardscaping with Pavers


The hardscape element in a landscape design really completes the outdoor garden experience. We are proficient in pavers, flagstone, raised beds, dry creek beds and granite walkways and paths.

light your landscape with nistlers landscaping

Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor escape will take on a new dimension and personality with professional installed landscape lighting. Our staff has attended lighting design seminars and can create a new nighttime glow to your property.

Transform your ordinary outdoor space into an outdoor “living room.” Contact us for a consultation.